Taiwan Faces Steady ‘Drip’ of Pressure from China

Shippers, Carriers Navigate Soaring Rates Heading Into Contract Negotiations

Tidewater Shares Surge as 2023 Revenue Tops $1 Billion

‘Sky’s the limit’ for shipping derivatives

XSI® records biggest increase in 18 months as US shippers and ocean freight carriers head into contract negotiations

Drewry: World Container Index Down 5% Last Week

Samskip begins construction phase of its next generation zero-emission short sea container vessel with “steel cutting ceremony”

HAV Design contracted to design autonomous zero-emission ferries

A Sea Change: Sustainable Shipping Solution to Generate Carbon Credits

BV research confirms central role of operational and energy efficiency in meeting shipping’s 2050 carbon budget

Biden administration warns Congress about China’s major presence at critical US ports

HD KSOE and Hyundai Power Systems to Develop Onboard Carbon Capture System

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