Pasha Boasts New LNG Powered George III Will Substantially Reduce Emissions

With the arrival of Pasha’s new George III at the Port of Oakland on August 31st, Ed Washburn, Senior Vice President Fleet Operation, Pasha Hawaii, said the LNG powered ship will substantially reduce or eliminate emissions compared to conventional diesel-powered ships.

Reduced Emissions

On September 6th, speaking to the Propeller Club of Northern California, Washburn provided highlights of how the new U.S. built vessel will reduce emissions: “In terms of emissions, particulate matter, which is a fine black dust is completely eliminated. The second pollutant is sulfur as when sulfur mixes with moisture, it creates sulfuric acid. And on these ships, that is completely eliminated. Finally, the elements that produce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, are substantially reduced, or eliminated. So, the environmental benefit is fantastic.”

Hydrodynamic Design

Washburn said: “We are super proud of this ship. This is a proprietary design, not an off the shelf design. The hull design went through computational fluid dynamics that was optimized by Keppel (the shipbuilder). That design went to the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and went through an optimization process. That design then went to the Maritime Institute of the Netherlands and there they model tested the propeller and the high efficiency rudder to match the efficient hull … The model test did not produce any additional changes showing that this was an extremely efficient design.”

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