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U.S. Geological Survey, Patrick Barnard

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Rob Cifelli

San Francisco Estuary Institute, Warner Chabot

California Coastal Conservancy, Amy Hutzel

Curtin Maritime, Steven Chew

U.C. Berkeley, Daniella Hirschfeld

Port of San Francisco, Brad Benson

Port of Long Beach, Justin Luedy

Port of Redwood City, Kristine Zortman

Port of Hueneme, Giles Pettifor

Port of Los Angeles, Adrienne Newbold

Port of Oakland, Jan Novak

Port of San Diego, Phil Gibbons

Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, Nuin-Tara Key

California State Lands, Jennifer Lucchesi

California Coastal Commission, Carey Batha

Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Steve Goldbeck

California Department of Transportation, Tracey Frost

• Arcadis, Edgar Westerhof (not available)

Deltares USA, Kees Nederhoff

Port of Rotterdam, Joost de Nooijer

Port of Rotterdam, Andre van Hassent

VU University Amsterdam, Lars de Ruig

Royal HaskoningDHV, Matthijs Bos

Port of Oakland, Jeremey Lowe

US Geological Survey, Anne Wein